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professional up-skilling

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We are surrounded by patterns - seen and unseen. We have a rich internal world, that informs and effects the way we see the external world. We are walking personalities filled with needs, desires and specific requirements - yearning for certain things to unfold or take place.  We are locks waiting for the right keys. Most of our lives are spent in reaction to unconscious motivations and strategies that allude our waking minds, yet dominate our waking experiences. 

Each of us has an opportunity to wake to the unseen, take control of our lives, and take a hand in our own particular fulfilment - in short, increase our happiness.

personality types - enneagram, relationship dynamics, numerology, name analysis, bio-rhythms, sacred geometry, fractal mapping, ikigai, life-blueprints, spider charts, dreamlining, and more ...

professional up-skilling

breaking ceilings, creative solutions, discovering mastery, unlocking potential, realising goals, accelerated learning, clever practice - 80/20 rule, facing blocks, maximising output, changing paradigms, problem solving, and more ...

Whether you are learning a second language, getting certified, starting a new hobby, doing an exam, or just want explore something new, I can assist.

Learning is one thing. Learning how to learn - that is a whole other ball game. What if I could show you tools and tricks to supercharge and empower your learning experience? What would you try if you knew you could not fail?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck or feel like you have hit a roadblock in your pursuits? I specialise in helping people break through to their next level.

Sessions are uniquely catered for each individual, and draw on a wide range of tools and systems, including memory systems, study techniques, creative approaches, and more ...