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  Corrie Wade    



Hello. My name is Corrie Wade. I am an eternal student of music, dance, mathematics and a few other things.


My job (many jobs) has put me in the limelight, on the stage, in the centre of things, behind the lectern, in the classroom, up the front of things, so-to-speak. Behind the entertainer, performer and teacher, is the eternal student, quiet and somewhat reserved. Always training, always studying. I have travelled widely and learnt from so many teachers. I have worked with many groups and companies in Australia and abroad. Whilst my strength is not in marketing or sales, my calling has been to inspire and support others as they explore the various fields that I have taught. I have had brilliant life, following my passions, namely to learn, and pass that information on. I sometimes like to think of myself as a conduit, linking people to the experiences and stories that they require.


If I were to attempt to articulate what drives me beneath all the hobbies and pursuits, I would have to say the search for sublime contentedness. Now in my 40's I feel blessed to be visited by this experience more and more, even if just for moments at a time.


Movement Bio

Figure Skating 1983+

Learning to figure skate and speed skate every Saturday from the age of 7 was definitely a highlight of my week. I like to think of this as my first dance, albeit on wheels. Throw in a bit of limbo dancing, the chicken dance, and finish of each session with a hockey stick and lots of energy and you start to get the picture. Outside these Saturday sessions I remember the occasional Blue Light Disco on Wheels night, and at least one 24 hour Skate-a-thon (that was really cooool). Going to see competitions and performances with my now late Instructor Stan Bennett, was probably the early seeds of work in the public performance arena. 

Martial Arts 1990+

Whilst away on a school camp one of the activities on offer was a martial art called Aikido. It was love at first sight. The basic concept of Aikido is learning to resolve conflict by finding a way to harmonise the dynamic. Translation: Ai - Harmony, Ki - Energy, Do - The Way. Loosely translated "The way of love and harmony". Based in several ancient Japanese martial systems of hand to hand and weapons combat, Aikido was born from the recognition that physical violence is not always the best way to resolve conflict. Our greatest adversary is inside us. It is here, where the true battle begins: Awareness, Body Control, Mental Discipline & Spiritual Practice. This emphasis and training would later translate into my career as a dancer and teacher. The leap from martial arts to dance might seem like a large one, but for me, it was a natural progression: two energies combining. The main difference was that my dance partners were not trying to hit me. In the words of Terry Dobson (Aikido teacher and author) Aikido: It's a lot like dancing.

Dance 1999+

After university I started a dance apprenticeship in a Ballroom studio. Here I studied everything from Waltz to Hip Hop, Belly dancing to Ballet. They were long beautiful days, sometimes 14 hours of training, dancing and teaching. During summer I would often fall asleep under the mirror ball in the middle of the dance floor, then wake up the next day and start all over again. The energy of youth! 

Over the last 20 years I have taught classes, private lessons, performance teams, teaching training, competition couples and groups, in workshops, festivals, art-bars and congresses. I have also been lucky enough to travel and train (and sometimes teach) in Cuba, Argentina, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali and Japan.


Odd experiences along the way might include: dancing salsa on a frozen lake underneath Mt Fuji in Japan; training Burlesque in a brothel and being mistaken for a pimp; learning to dance flamenco in a cave in Granada, Spain; having a group of people throw money at me in the street mistaking my partner and I for buskers when we had a spontaneous dance on the sidewalk ...

In the course of this beautiful journey I have experienced over 40 different dance forms including:

Salsa (LA, Miami, New York & Cuban), Cuban Rueda, Son, Danzon, Soncha, Cha Cha Cha, Afro-Cuban Rumba and Folkloric, Bachata, Bachatango, Bachamilonga, Pachanga, Merengue, Reggaeton, Zouk, Lambada, Argentine Tango, Milonga, Vals, Kizomba, Belly Dancing, Waltz, Foxtrot, English tango, Quickstep, Samba, Jive, Rock’n’roll, Rockabilly, Rumba, Paso doble, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Ballet, Funk, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Burlesque, Cabaret, Swing - Lindyhop, Charleston, Shag, 6 beat, and a handful of progressive dances including some New Vogue ...

Whilst each dance is different, often holding unique stories and connections to culture, I also see the commonalities that often occur between them: the unwritten rules and body logic that govern when two bodies come together to move. My focus as a teacher is towards connection, musicality, technique, and showing people how to find freedom on the dance floor.

Music Bio

Percussion 1998+

As music is the fuel of dance, he has also studied percussion in Cuba, Europe and Australia. 

Piano 2008+

In 2008 I bought my first piano. But the story goes back further than that. Every since I can remember I have been entranced by the feel and flavour of the piano forte. As a young boy if someone was playing piano I would lay on the floor and disappear to another land. If they were playing a grand, then I would be laying underneath that same piano, urging them not to stop. Many years passed and in 2008 I began traditional lessons. A lifelong desire smashing headlong into scales and exercises and a lot of hard work. Fortunately for me, a friend and dance student of mine (who is also a Simply Music Teacher) alerted me to a revolutionary new way of learning piano - Simply Music. That was in 2010. I have not looked back since. 

In the intervening years I have also studied a number of Music Theory courses 

Mindscape Bio


University 1994+


Mathematics & Pattern Hunting 1997+


Dance Bio


It took a few years to stifle the impulse to bow to my dance teachers and say "Hai" which is "Yes" in Japanese.