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  Corrie Wade    



Hello. My name is Corrie Wade. I am an eternal student of music, dance, mathematics and a few other things.


My job (many jobs) has put me in the limelight, on the stage, in the centre of things, behind the lectern, in the classroom, up the front of things, so-to-speak. Behind the entertainer, performer and teacher, is the eternal student, quiet and somewhat reserved. Always training, always studying. I have travelled widely and learnt from so many teachers. I have worked with many groups and companies in Australia and abroad. Whilst my strength is not in marketing or sales, my calling has been to inspire and support others as they explore the various fields that I have taught. I have had brilliant life, following my passions, namely to learn, and pass that information on. I sometimes like to think of myself as a conduit, linking people to the experiences and stories that they require.


If I were to attempt to articulate what drives me beneath all the hobbies and pursuits, I would have to say the search for sublime contentedness. Now in my 40's I feel blessed to be visited by this experience more and more, even if just for moments at a time.


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