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 Which Personality Type Are You? 
 Enneagram Consults 

What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram is a personality profiling system. It has a rich history, blending cosmology and psychology to create a unique and comprehensive model of the human experience and the role that personality plays in all our lives.












There are nine different personality types each with their own specific set of needs and requirements; nine completely different internal landscapes that have their own unique set of strategies and behaviours; nine different perspectives that represent the full spectrum of possibilities.


The Enneagram allows participants to identify their type and begin exploring their unconscious behaviours and mechanisms that keep them locked out of their true potential and ultimately their own joy and connection.

"There are 9 types of Personality - which one are you?"

Unconscious strategies and mechanisms don't want to be seen - they do everything they can to disguise, divert, or distract us from the real motives and truth's that drive us. Unconscious behaviour is like pouring water into a sieve and hoping it will fill up. It does not matter how much attention we get, how much love we receive, or how many "likes" we accomplish - until we shine light on the unconscious behaviour that subtly and not-so-subtly dominates our lives, we continue to use strategies that somehow never quite fill us up.


Private consultations are offered for individuals, couples, and parents and run between 60-90 minutes. Participants take home exercises and ideas to explore. Workshops for general public and the employment sector are also available. Enquiries welcome.

Enneagram for Individuals

"Finding what fulfills you - and what does not."

Discover your type. Find out what makes you tick on the inside. Get some tools that will ultimately increase your own joy, decrease your burden, and align you with the things that offer best fulfillment. Improve your relationship with self and gather some powerful insights into best navigating your triggered and challenged spaces.

You can also take these insights into your personal and business relationships and begin to see and understand how other Personality types work and operate. Develop language and skills that help you speak directly to the different Personalities in your life. Discover best ways for avoiding conflict which each type and increase the chances of harmonious and smooth relationships. 

Enneagram for Couples

"Speaking the love languages of your partner."

If you better understood what your partner needed and yearned for, would that help in your relationship? If you knew your partners "love" language would that be of any value? How about your partners "life" language? Would you be interested in finding out specific ways of communicating and being, that makes your partner feel heard, special and appreciated?


If both you and your partner knew each others vulnerable sides and were able to hold space when one was "triggered" or falling into old programming or unconscious behaviour, would that help in navigating toward a more harmonious relationship?​ Would a deeper understanding of each others struggles help to develop empathy and closeness? Imagine knowing the thing that most deeply fulfills your partner!

Sessions are a conducted in a fun and friendly atmosphere, using games, quizzes and conversations as a way of exploring you and your partner and the power of the Enneagrammic understanding in relationship.

Enneagram for Parenting

"Tips for successfully raising different Personality types."

If we think in terms of different personalities and that each one requires fundamentally contrasting methods in order for them to grow, thrive and flourish, then this becomes a powerful concept for parenting. Each child needs different things to make them feel safe, nurtured, loved, understood ... What is medicine for one, could be poison for another. Enneagram for Parenting can help you determine your child's Personality type; offer tips for helping for helping your child find their source of power; management ideas; providing the right environment for each type, dealing with conflict etc.  

Sessions are conducted in a safe and friendly environment and can be done with both the parent and child, or just the parent in attendance. 

Enneagram for Storytelling

"A unique tool for writers and storytellers"

Stay tuned for more ...

Enneagram for Business

"How to manage harmonious and productive work spaces"

As an employer, correctly directing a group of people so that each person has room to grow, develop and contribute to the best of their abilities whilst operating as a cohesive whole, requires a vast array of techniques and people management skills. The Enneagram provides a powerful framework of ideas and tools for employees and also employers, offering such things as; best practices for harmonious working relationships; avoiding and navigating conflicts; effective communication practices; identifying the different personality types within the business and best ways of accessing each persons potential; team building exercises and developing relationships and rapport. 

Workshops can be conducted at your work location.

Learn the tools to unlock your true potential today. Contact me.


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