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- weekly online workshops -


Imagine a mighty castle in front of you. Inside this castle are 9 doors, each one leading to a different room. Inside each room lives a different musician - each with their own particular set of gifts and talents and ways of accessing and creating music. 9 different musicians to unlock your musical potential.


Each week we will be exploring a different room using ideas, exercises and paradigm shifting tools, to get you inspired and fluent on your instrument.


Combining the power of the Enneagram, with three decades of teaching, this unique program offers a fun way to develop musical fluency and ultimately access your own brand of mastery.

Weekly workshops are casual - you can drop in anytime without having attending prior events. Each workshop is dedicated to a different musician.

9 PIANISTS: 3 different groups



memories, feelings, tension/release, art of performance, intuition, heart, goosebumps, texture, inspiration, craft, stories, past orientated ...

Type 2

The MOODY pianist

moody, contrasting, storytelling


Type 3


performing, passionate, motivating

Type 4

The UNIQUE pianist

al-chemical, cross-pollinating, creative



skills, possibilities, critical thinking, ideas, integrating, enthusiasm, mental acuity, boundaries & borders, future orientated ...

Type 5

The GENIUS pianist

abstract, theoretical, knowing

Type 6

The TECHNICAL pianist

precise, perfecting, proficient

Type 7 

The PIONEERING pianist

rebellious, clever, frontier-pushing



internal resources, habits, strengths & weaknesses, refining, polishing, ownership, self discipline, empowerment, present orientated ...

Type 8

The POWERFUL pianist

resourceful, energised, magnificent

Type 9


walking the talk, aware, owning

Type 1

The PRACTICAL pianist

organised, dedicated, driven




Discover the Simply Music Method!


This method is for all students of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you are young or old, beginner or experienced, the world of music is waiting for you.

playing, composing, arranging, improvisation, theory, reading, freedom & fluency, personalised programs ...


This revolutionary program offers a breakthrough in music education, and has students playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces—and more!​​—from their very first lessons.

For the intermediate to advanced musician, if you feel like you have hit your ceiling, or would just like some direction and support, I specialise in taking students (and professionals) to their next level.  

The FOUR GOALS for students:

1. Big Playlist 
A large and growing list of songs that you can play from memory!

2. Fun & Easy
Every step of the way! A confirming experience of your own innate musical fluency and creativity

3. Find Your Style
What kind of a musician are you going to be? Helping you find your style and groove is all part of the process

4. Self Generating 
Supercharge your learning ability - learn how to learn! 

We are all deeply musical! 
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