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 Specialising in "Your First Dance"  
 Wedding Dance Lessons

Not just a series of dance lessons but a memorable journey where you and your partner can connect and de-stress in the pre-wedding months. Many couples are surprised to discover the intimacy and enjoyment that can come from learning to dance together. I specialise in taking absolute beginners and showing them that dancing can be fun and easy. Some couples have even continued to dance after their honeymoon!

I have been providing wedding dance lessons to bridal couples for more than 18 years. As a dance teacher and performer, assisting the bridal couple with their first dance, has been one of the highlights of my dancing career. 

I offer local and interstate choreographic services, as well as last minute intensives.

Never danced before?

I can have you dancing in 15 minutes!

Don't have a song?

I will help you find the perfect song AND dance style that suits you.

Have a particular song, idea or theme in mind?

I love to choreograph and get creative.

I can't dance. I have two left feet!

I have not met anyone in over 20 years of teaching that I cannot get dancing and feeling good about themselves on the dance floor.

How many lessons do I need?

Three is a good minimum. The more lessons you have, the more you are learning to dance as well as perform. However many lessons you have, you will leave with a confidence that surprises you and a performance to wow your friends and families.

I have some dance experience - can you cater for me?


My partner doesn't want to dance ...

Consider one of your parents. Father & Bride make for a great bridal dance.


Get the bridal party involved and we can do a dance spectacular!

The Wedding is just around the corner! Do we have time?

I have taught people the day before and they did a fabulous job. If you tell me we have two hours, then I will create something for you in 2 hours!

Can I buy this as a gift for the wedding couple?

Definitely. This can be your unique gift and definitely a memorable one.


I have 20 years training in the dance industry and experience in over 40 different dance forms so we should be able to find a style that suits you. From Tango to Salsa, Waltz to Lindyhop, there is a style that will make you glow! 


Catering for absolute beginners to advanced dancers. Definitely LGBTQI friendly!

Create a lasting memory of your wedding experience by contacting me today.

Also available:

Enneagram for Couples

"Speaking the love languages of your partner."


In conjunction with your dance lessons, you will receive a specialised choreography, designed just for you, with the option of music editing and special effects as required. You can do individual lessons or packages. There are three packages available, and some added extras should you need them

Bronze Package

3 Lessons for $330

($110 per lesson)

Personalized choreography

One style of dance

Silver Package

5 Lessons for $500

($100 per lesson)

Free music editing

Personalized choreography

Option for two styles of dance

Gold Package

10 Lessons for $900

($90 per lesson)

Free music editing

Personalized choreography

Option for two or more styles of dance plus one free Wedding Party lesson!


Music editing & special effects

Lessons at your location or event venue

Wedding party lessons i.e. Flash mob choreography

Additional dance lessons

Individual Lessons



Every bridal couple that I have worked with over the years, whether it was for two weeks or six months, have left a mark on me. Thank you for making me a part of your special journey.


"We practice to drive a car, we study to play an instrument, yet how much training do we receive before embarking on one of the most important journeys of our lives - relationship?

Enneagram for Couples

"Speaking the love & life languages of your partner."

If you better understood what your partner needed and yearned for, would that help in your relationship? If you knew your partners "love" language would that be of any value? How about your partners "life" language? Would you be interested in finding out specific ways of communicating and being, that makes your partner feel heard, special and appreciated?


If both you and your partner knew each others vulnerable sides and were able to hold space when one was "triggered" or falling into old programming or unconscious behaviour, would that help in navigating toward a more harmonious relationship?​ Would a deeper understanding of each others struggles help to develop empathy and closeness? Imagine knowing the thing that most deeply fulfills your partner! Figuring out the bumps before they happen, seeing the dangerous curves before you get there, goes a long way to navigating a beautiful and harmonious long term relationship.

Sessions are a conducted in a fun and friendly atmosphere, using games, quizzes and conversations as a way of exploring you and your partner and the power of the Enneagrammic understanding in relationship. Check out my Enneagram page for more info.

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