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time to dance

As a seasoned performer I know a secret: you might think as the audience member you are the one having the most fun and being entertained, but really it is the performers who are getting the bigger buzz. There is often also a backstory which involves all the beautiful training and experiences that led up to that moment, the moment of performance. The focus might seem to be this endpoint but sometimes surprisingly it is the journey to get there, that makes it such a rewarding experience. 
Performing a dance routine to signify a special moment in your life, can also be seen as an offering to your partner and loved ones, something that they will remember for years to come. 

When was the last time you surrendered to your partner? 

Do you want to re-ignite the spark, or perhaps fan the flame to new heights? 

Is there room in your lives for a shared and new experience? 

When was the last time you breathed together, or swayed to a hypnotic beat?

Do you want to perform a dance routine to signify a special moment in your life? 

For beginners, discover the intimacy and enjoyment that can come from learning to dance together.

For the experienced dancers, take your dancing to new heights (and depths).