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 NEXT ONLINE WORKSHOP for all Musicians-
JUNE 11th
"The Theorectical Musician"

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

picture of Corrie Wade



hand drawn piano

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Corrie playing piano at retreat

Corrie and student

Corrie and student

Corrie teaching

Nine Locks

Nine Locks

9 Doors to Musical Mastery program

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Enneagram workshop

Golden spiral

Golden spiral

Fibonacci in action

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Outback with a portable piano

Sheet music

Sheet music

musical parchment

Unlock your Inner Musician


Welcome to Piano lessons & services - with a difference!

I cater for teenagers and adults, of all levels (including teachers and professional musicians) There are two main ways you can engage the academy. 


The first pathway is FOUNDATIONS: offering piano lessons for beginning students and also those with prior knowledge. Want to learn piano fast, or take your playing to new heights? Welcome to the Simply Music method more ...

The second pathway is BIG PICTURE: offering workshops and individual coaching sessions for musicians (of all instruments) with prior knowledge and training. Hit your ceiling? Feeling blocked? Or simply want to take your musicianship to the next level? Welcome to the 9 Doors program more ...

Physical lessons and services are offered on the Coffs Coast, Australia, and online worldwide.

Are you ready to begin? Book a free 20 min intro session today.

"accelerated learning, musical hacks & ultra-creativity"

Creativity meets Technique

Simply Music

- lessons

Discover the Simply Music Method!


This method is for all students of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you are beginner or advanced, the world of music is waiting for you.

playing, composing, arranging, improvisation, theory, reading, freedom & fluency, personalised programs ...


This revolutionary program offers a breakthrough in music education, and has students playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces—and more!​​—from their very first lessons.

For the intermediate to advanced pianist, if you feel like you have hit your ceiling, or would just like some direction and support, I specialise in taking students (and professionals) to their next level.  

9 Doors

9 DOORS to musical MASTERY program

Catering for musicians (of any instrument) with prior knowledge and training. Hit your ceiling? Feeling blocked? Or simply want to take your musicianship to the next level? 


Supercharge your relationship with your instrument and transform the way you look at the musical landscape forever.

Welcome to the 9 Doors program. Created by Corrie Wade, this unique and innovative approach, combines the power and possibility of the Enneagram, with the pedagogy of music.

9 Doors, 9 perspectives, infinite possibilities ...

9 Doors presents a fresh take on music pedagogy. It offers a creative and comprehensive framework for approaching and developing our musicianship. By exploring each door over time, students are able to see the bigger picture, develop gaps and weaknesses, empower their own learning process, get ultra-creative, and much much more!

Come and experience the power of the

9 Doors program.

The Big Picture 
- workshops
- coaching

9 locks

9 Doors
9 Perspectives

Infinite Possibilities...

The Practical Musician


The Moody Musician 


The Performing Musician


The Unique Musician


The Theoretical Musician


The Technical Musician 


The Revolutionary Musician


The Powerful Musician 


The Well-Balanced Musician 



accelerated learning, musical hacks, ultra-creativity, student-centred development, holistic approach, pushing frontiers, quantum leaps in understanding, freedom & fluency, busting paradigms, finding your style, accessing your own brand of mastery ...


Life coach, musician, business owner

"I truly believe that the 9 Doors program is a paradigm shifting way of exploring and thinking about music. What Corrie has created is on the leading edge and steps us into new ways of thinking, feeling and approaching learning, music and even life. Corrie's ability to synthesise years worth of study and insight into these 9 core areas goes way beyond a neat system of categorising music and is more like entering a world of possibility."

Upcoming Workshop

The Theoretical musician
11 June, 2:00 pm AEST
Zoom workshop
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