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Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

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hand drawn piano

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Corrie playing piano at retreat

Corrie and student

Corrie and student

Corrie teaching

Nine Locks

Nine Locks

9 Doors to Musical Mastery program

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Enneagram workshop

Golden spiral

Golden spiral

Fibonacci in action

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

Outback with a portable piano

Sheet music

Sheet music

musical parchment

Unlock your Inner Pianist


Welcome to CW Music Academy, where we offer enriching piano lessons for teenagers and adults alike.


Our academy caters to students of all levels, including beginners, through our FOUNDATIONS course. For those with pre-existing experience, we present the BIG PICTURE option.


Whether you choose to join us at our Academy in Coffs Harbour or prefer online lessons from anywhere in the world, we are dedicated to providing a transformative musical journey tailored to your unique needs. See below for more information.

"accelerated learning, musical hacks & ultra-creativity"

Simply Music

We are all deeply musical

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Discover the Simply Music Method!


This method is for all students of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you are beginner or advanced, the world of music is waiting for you.

playing, composing, arranging, improvisation, theory, reading, freedom & fluency, personalised programs ...


This revolutionary program offers a breakthrough in music education, and has students playing great sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues and accompaniment pieces—and more!​​—from their very first lessons.

For pianists with past experience, if any of the following statements resonate: I did piano before but ...

I didn't get very far

it was too hard

I wasn't talented enough

I wasn't disciplined enough

I just didn't have what it took

I am not very musical

I got bored doing endless scales and exercises

Then this is the program for you. We are all deeply musical, AND learning and playing should be enjoyable, easy and rewarding every step of the way!

Take a journey toward Self-Mastery

9 DOORS to MASTERY program

The 9 Doors to Mastery program is a transformative journey designed to unlock the full potential of aspiring musicians and artists. Each door represents a unique path towards mastery, encompassing a holistic approach to creativity, fluency, and self-discovery.


From the Practical Musician's focus on foundations and daily routines to the Expressive Musician's emphasis on mood and emotion, and from the Unique Musician's exploration of creativity and soul to the Theoretical Musician's pursuit of knowledge and analytical understanding, the program offers a comprehensive framework for growth and development.


With its fusion of technical expertise, artistic exploration, and self-mastery principles, the 9 Doors to Mastery program empowers individuals to embrace their true artistic potential, inspiring them to reach new heights of excellence and fulfillment in their creative journey.

You can access the 9 Doors program via one-on-one coaching and/or via monthly workshops. Click here for more.

The Big Picture 
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- coaching

9 doos

Upcoming Workshops


Life coach, musician, business owner

"I truly believe that the 9 Doors program is a paradigm shifting way of exploring and thinking about music. What Corrie has created is on the leading edge and steps us into new ways of thinking, feeling and approaching learning, music and even life. Corrie's ability to synthesise years worth of study and insight into these 9 core areas goes way beyond a neat system of categorising music and is more like entering a world of possibility."
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