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Corrie & son

Corrie & son

walking on the beach

Aikido at a retreat

Aikido at a retreat

Corrie wielding a jo

Corrie Wade

Corrie Wade

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Hello, I am Corrie Wade


the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual parts ...

I am a mathematician, I am a dancer, I am a catalyst coach, I am a music theorist, I am a choreographer, I am a father, I am an iconoclast, I am a sacred geometrist, I am a creative problem-solver, I am a musician, I am a martial-artist, I am an Enneagram consultant, I am a teacher.


I am the eternal student.

When people ask me "how did I end up doing this work?" or "how did I get to where I am today?" my first answer is often "by accident" or I mention something about the random chaos of the universe. However, when I pause for a moment, my more considered and emphatic answer is, that I followed my passions. Whether it took me to a cave in Spain to learn Flamenco, to a sweat lodge in Australia, or to teaching dance on a frozen lake underneath Mt Fuji in Japan - they are all tied by a common thirst for craft and mastery, and the desire to pass it on.

"Facilitating other people's "aha" moments is an honour and a joy"

Fairly early on I realised that in order to know a thing, you must touch or understand the thing that sits next to it.


I wanted to take my speed reading to the next level and discovered I needed to study more about grammer ... Which led me a learning Latin ... Which led me to a memory course so I could remember everything I was reading, and so on. 


I wanted to deepen my understanding of Salsa, so I went and trained drumming and folkloric dances in Cuba ... Then I ended up in Spain studying Spanish, and that took me Argentina to learn Tango, and so on. After learning and teaching dance in over 13 different countries you think that would be the end, but it just leads to more openings.


Someone introduced me to Numerology, and before long I was deep in sacred geometry, and spiralling (Fibonacci-wise) down the proverbial rabbit hole. Numerology leads to Gematria (the art and science of name analysis) which then arrives at the Kabbalah, and on it goes.


Playing piano? Where has that taken me? From AMEB to Simply Music, Jazz pedagogues to Russian systems ... I have had more teachers this lifetime than I could count. Once thing that remains consistent - if I love something, or have a revelation, I pass it on as quick as I can.

My learning path became like a series of venn diagrams - overlapping circles that kept leading to more circles. For the eternal student, continued unchartered possibilities and frontiers is something of a joy. I once heard the description of the human experience likened to that of a mandala: each of us sitting at the centre of a beautiful pattern of our own making, with unique designs ever-whorling outwards.

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I value self-mastery, learning, and passing it on.

My Mission

To empower students to discover their innate musicality, creativity and self-mastery, through innovative teaching methods, multi-perspective development, and a holistic approach to learning.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the landscape of music education by redefining the perception and experience of learning and creating music.

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