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my hands piano

my hands piano




Catering for musicians with prior knowledge and training. Hit your ceiling? Feeling blocked? Or simply want to take your musicianship to the next level? Welcome to the 9 Doors to Mastery program.


Supercharge your relationship with your instrument and transform the way you look at the musical landscape forever.

Created by Corrie Wade, this unique and innovative approach, combines the power and possibility of the Enneagram, with the pedagogy of music.

Creativity meets technique

Big Title

9 Doors
9 Perspectives

9 locks

Infinite Possibilities...

DOOR 1: The Practical Musician
DOOR 2: The Expressive Musician
DOOR 3: The Performing Musician
DOOR 4: The Unique Musician
DOOR 5: The Theoretical Musician
DOOR 6: The Technical Musician
DOOR 7: The Revolutionary Musician
DOOR 8: The Powerful Musician
DOOR 9: The Embodied Musician

9 Doors presents a fresh take on musical learning and development. It offers a creative and comprehensive framework for approaching and developing our musicianship. By exploring each door over time, students are able to see the bigger picture, shine a light on gaps and weaknesses, empower their own learning process, get ultra-creative, and much much more!

"accelerated learning, clever hacks, holistic approach, pushing frontiers, quantum leaps in understanding, freedom & fluency, busting paradigms, finding your style, accessing your own brand of mastery ..."

9 DOORS to MASTERY program

The 9 Doors to Mastery program is a transformative journey designed to unlock the full potential of aspiring musicians and artists. Each door represents a unique path towards mastery, encompassing a holistic approach to creativity, fluency, and self-discovery.


From the Practical Musician's focus on foundations and daily routines to the Expressive Musician's emphasis on mood and emotion, and from the Unique Musician's exploration of creativity and soul to the Theoretical Musician's pursuit of knowledge and analytical understanding, the program offers a comprehensive framework for growth and development.


With its fusion of technical expertise, artistic exploration, and self-mastery principles, the 9 Doors to Mastery program empowers individuals to embrace their true artistic potential, inspiring them to reach new heights of excellence and fulfillment in their creative journey.

You can access the 9 Doors program via one-on-one coaching and/or via monthly workshops. Come and experience the power of the 9 Doors program.

The Big Picture 
- one-on-one
- weekly classes
- workshops
- private fb group


Life coach, musician, business owner

"I truly believe that the 9 Doors program is a paradigm shifting way of exploring and thinking about music. What Corrie has created is on the leading edge and steps us into new ways of thinking, feeling and approaching learning, music and even life. Corrie's ability to synthesise years worth of study and insight into these 9 core areas goes way beyond a neat system of categorising music and is more like entering a world of possibility."


for the human instrument

enneagram, numerology, name analysis, bio-rhythms, sacred geometry, fractal mapping, ikigai, life-blueprints, spider charts, dreamlining, and more ...

Personal Development


We are surrounded by patterns - seen and unseen. We have a rich internal world, that informs and effects the way we see the external world. We are walking personalities filled with needs, desires and specific requirements - yearning for certain things to unfold or take place.  We are locks waiting for the right keys. Most of our lives are spent in reaction to unconscious motivations and strategies that allude our waking minds, yet dominate our waking experiences. 

Each of us has an opportunity to wake to the unseen, take control of our lives, and take a hand in our own particular fulfillment - in short, increase our happiness.


Whether you are learning a second language, getting certified, starting a new hobby, doing an exam, or just want explore something new, I can assist.

Learning is one thing. Learning how to learn - that is a whole other ball game. What if I could show you tools and tricks to supercharge and empower your learning experience? What would you try if you knew you could not fail?


Perhaps you are feeling stuck or feel like you have hit a roadblock in your pursuits? I specialise in helping people break through to their next level.


Sessions are uniquely catered for each individual, and draw on a wide range of tools and systems, including memory systems, study techniques, creative approaches, and more ...

breaking ceilings, creative solutions, discovering mastery, unlocking potential, realising goals, accelerated learning, clever practice - 80/20 rule, facing blocks, maximising output, changing paradigms, problem solving, and more ...  

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