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Wedding Deluxe Package for Couples & Bridal Parties

  • An extensive series of ten hour-long dance lessons.
  • Meticulous music editing for a multi-song ensemble.
  • One or two choreographed pieces, echoing your collective spirit.


The crème de la crème of our offerings, this package is designed for those who dream big. Whether you envision a romantic duet or a spirited group performance with your bridal party, or even a delightful flash mob, our ten-session commitment ensures that your vision comes to life, and the dance floor becomes the stage for your love story.



Wedding add-ons:

  • Additional song music edit $100

  • Additional choreography $150

  • At location lesson $150 

  • Stand-alone lesson or additional lessons $150​

  • Enneagram session $150 per couple

Wedding Deluxe Package for couples & bridal parties

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